What Others Are Saying

Katherine P.
New York City

Rona is a first-class human resources expert. Her ability to listen, draw out key information from a conversation and make strong recommendations in a pragmatic manner sets her apart from others. She provided invaluable counsel during my career transition, offering ideas for skill development and sound guidance on salary, bonus and benefit questions, always with my best interests in mind. With a steadfast nature and general enthusiasm for finding positive solutions, she has been an ongoing resource in my career advancement. I whole heartedly recommend her for strategic consulting on both big-picture and detailed human resources issues.

Heather M.
New York City

I found Rona Carr’s expertise as a Human Resources professional and coach to be superb. During times of employment and unemployment Ms. Carr helped me to identify and declare skills I had overlooked and undervalued, and helped me think about other communities and corporations that could benefit from my knowledge. Her thoughtful and methodical approach is just what is needed in times of question and crisis. In my field of arts administration and as a small business owner, I find that I am continually consulting with Rona, resulting in smarter negotiations, outcomes and strategies I would not have realized as easily on my own. I highly recommend her.

Karen Johns
President, The Johns Group

Rona Carr was a valuable resource in helping us convene a national conference on educational access for minority students. She displayed strong organizational and management skills in helping us bring together a diverse group of national leaders to create a comprehensive and effective plan for change. Rona is a consummate professional who is very adept at multitasking and exhibits a calm demeanor which helped the team to succeed in the midst of many competing demands.

Rona also worked with us on a national Business and Philanthropy project, aimed at engaging professionals of color in philanthropy. This was a multiyear project that brought together several diverse organizations and required engagement on the national and local level. Rona played a key role in helping us create a comprehensive organizational management that effectively involved fifteen participant groups and kept them engaged throughout the life of the project.

Talented, organized, with strong tactical and strategic skills along with a good sense of humor- Rona brings many strengths to the table- I strongly recommend her.


Diane Coburn Bruning, Founder and Artistic Director
Chamber Dance Project

“In difficult situations, Rona has the ability and talent to deal with many people and factors simultaneously, reaching an optimal conclusion with the best interests of the organization and the individuals in mind. She adeptly analyzes situations with Board members and personnel and on more than one occasion predicted a situation on the Board before it came to pass, thus anticipating a difficulty. Her spirit is positive, her integrity profound, and her generosity is from the heart.”

Stephanie R. Cooper, Esq.
President, Sarah Lawrence College Alumna/e Association

“I have worked together with Rona Carr for several years on the Board of Directors of the Alumni/ae Association of our alma mater, Sarah Lawrence College. Rona’s ability to define and articulate issues of importance is unequalled. Her judgment is always sound, and her priorities and values are the highest. She is a leader by nature and a communicator par excellence. In my view her notable successes in dealing with a broad spectrum of issues and people derives from her ingrained core values, her fine intuition about human psychology and dynamics, her highly developed analytic skills and, above all, her ability to listen. Rona is a potent coach, innovator and facilitator. Lucky is the organization or individual who has her on its side!”

Cheryl Cipro, Director of Alumna/e Relations
Sarah Lawrence College

“The talent and expertise that has brought Rona success in business has made her the perfect person to bring together other Sarah Lawrence alumna/e with a wide range of skills, talents, and viewpoints to work collaboratively and effectively on the College’s behalf.