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Kathryn Curry, Telemarketing Group Sales Manager

The Challenge:

“Telephone sales reps under my supervision were making inappropriate comments towards others about their ethnicity, weight, and age. It was a situation that, if not addressed, was going to cost my organization talent, negatively impacting my record of success and achievement.”

The Solution:

“Working one-on-one with The Austin International Group’s Rona Carr, I developed a plan that would not require any additional funding, a minimum amount of time away from the job, and would let me strategically re-organize my team to stop the bullying. Creating a mentor structure with leadership opportunities, pairing the individuals (some of whom were bullying but my highest achievers), with the weaker performers (and being bullied), I created new roles in which success was tied to the team members’ ability to be collaborative and achieve our sales goals.

This re-organization forced the ‘mentors’ to get to know their ‘partners’ and become their champions and supporters. This helped the low acheivers realize they could be leaders and putting a stop to the negative behaviors. Throughout the planning process, I found Rona sensitive to my organization’s limitations. She suggested effective ways of working around the lack of budget and time that resulted in a plan that my manager liked and that I was able to implement with positive results for all involved. Because of my initiative, I was given the opportunity to train other sales teams and share my best practices.”

Jacqueline ‘Jackie’ A
Ellenwood, GA

The Challenge:

“Developing a personal plan that would establish strategic personal and professional goals, and build on my strengths in organization, interpersonal skills, and deep knowledge of college admissions both within the US and overseas, and would help me and my family make a career move across the country.”

The Solution:

“Working directly with Rona Carr of The Austin International Group was a process that I found very challenging and rewarding. Rona listened and observed closely in a manner that was easy and comfortable, to the point that I found myself volunteering information and sharing my concerns without hesitation. She was sensitive and thoughtful when identifying the root of the obstacles that were preventing me from seeing a clear course to what I felt I could do. Her ideas, suggestions, patience and sense of humor were very helpful when I needed to determine how I would handle communicating to my family that I wanted to move out of state. And she was particularly effective when she suggested we role-play the conversations I would have with my family communicating the changes I wanted to make in their lives. She helped build my confidence in handling my children’s anger and anxiety, and how I would resign from a job that had been very good to me. Rona was the consummate professional, clear in her communications, and always focused on my situation when we met. I would recommend her without hesitation.”

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